Associations revolve around our collective ability to observe. That's why astrology used to only go as far out as Saturn (the furtherst observable planet at the time.) Now we know all the zodiacs are comprised of other suns in our galaxy. You will tear yourself from the gravity of the sun and enter a paradoxical realm. There, you will find what astrophysicists and astronomers have named, "Sagittarius A+" A supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. This candle was designed during the Saturn and Jupiter conjunction of 2020 (for left and right handed balance during gnosis) and then anointed with clove oil in the day and hour of Mercury. You better buckle the hell up and know thyself. The TV and radio is gunna be talking to you after this one.

Weekday / Retrogrades irrelevant, but be mindful of your timing. If unsure, light on a Wednesday preferably during sunrise.


I'm not responsible for address typeos. 

Rabbit Hole Novena

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