tldr: examples of storyboards / résumé below

hello titmouse

word on the street is that you need a storyboard artist

         do you know how many people have asked me if i worked on the midnight gospel?

A lot. that show is amazing and pendleton ward is a huge influence on me. no matter the reason you are accepting applications for storyboard artists, it must be epic.

         I've been storyboarding, animating, compositing, and creative directing at a 2d game making company in pittsburgh called digital dream labs. before that i was freelancing for clients like jim henson company and adult swim.



these are my most recent

         tHIS IS A series of animatics i developed revolving around a small robot named cozmo.

         this is the furthest developed piece on cozmo side by side with the boards.

         I brought the animatic to completion and comp'd the final piece.

here are more cozmo animatics

your character will be on model

speaking of pendleton ward, i broke down some of his characters for fun recently.

thank you for your time and consideration, titmouse

yes, it me